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Darryl “Doc” Bates MD, CEO and Chief Medical Officer

Jill Straughan RN, BSN, Clinic Manager


My Philosophy

I’m an independent Physician in private practice, I am not restricted by insurance companies and large medical practices who dictate how Physicians practice medicine.  I love to teach and practice the way current research and science proves best. A naive student in medical school, I found myself disillusioned after graduation. I thought we would learn about disease, health and most importantly keeping patients healthy.  I was mistaken! My education at UCLA was great, I learned much about disease, pathology and what to do when the disease process takes hold. But very little about how to stay healthy and prevent disease?

After medical school, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine full time.  Witnessing the power of nutrition, herbs, exercise and holistic treatments renewed my spirit.  I realized there are really three kinds of doctors.

#1) Doctors who think the body is broken, and focus on conquering with medications and surgery.
#2) Doctors who feel the body has inherent wisdom to return to homeostasis when it is given the opportunity.
#3) Doctors who never really think about #1 or #2 accepting current teachings within the medical community, without questioning why Big Pharma has a huge influence over medical education.
If you are wondering, I am #2, a doc who believes in walking the talk.  

Is your current physician out of touch with their own health and fitness, and attempting to give you advice about your sport? I am dedicated to training in my sport 4-5 times a week, researching and testing out trending nutrition plans to evaluate effectiveness in achieving desired goals, teaching Doctors of Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainers and Family Medicine Residents about sports medicine.

My perspectives from attending a top ranked medical school along with my holistic medical education allow me to see health from a very different perspective.  One of my passions is teaching athletes of all ages, the importance of nutrition and exercise as the basic foundation of health. When interventions are necessary, I believe in starting with minimally invasive procedures having little to no side effects.

I created Custom Clinic HQ to support athletes outside of San Diego and the Southern California area via Skype and phone consultation. My vision has grown to include face to face restorative care with Skin To Bone inside Pro To Col Sport Systems, where I can provide evaluation and treatment to support athletes of all ages reach their optimal health.